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From humble beginnings, the Edmonton Rodeo Board was created by André after he noticed a decline in the rodeo scene and number of participants in and around the Edmonton area. As a rodeo enthusiast with a deep-rooted sense of love and  pride for the sport,  André wanted to see the sport thriving again.

André decided he was going to be apart of the change in order to incorporate a more inclusive approach to provide access to Rodeo sports and the western culture to people of all ages, backgrounds and financial status. The ERB was founded to inspire and drive changes in order to promote and grow the sport of Rodeo in the Edmonton area

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The Edmonton Rodeo Board is a platform for rodeo enthusiasts to come together and celebrate the sport, whether as competitors or spectators.

Whether you are a seasoned rodeo veteran or just discovering the sport for the first time, Edmonton Rodeo Board is the perfect partner to help you discover the excitement and rich tradition of rodeo.

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Edmonton Rodeo Board is committed to finding new and innovative ways to help people learn about and develop a passion for this uniquely western tradition. We want to provide access to all those who wish to be apart of the rodeo community regardless of background or financial status

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