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Meet Evan

Evan is a passionate long time rodeo spectator and former amateur bull rider who has credited the sport with giving him a sense of purpose and belonging.  Evan is committed to giving back to the western community that has given him so much and hopes to use this platform to raise awareness about the positive impact that rodeo can have on peoples lives.

Evan is the ERB's Chief Technical Officer and keeps all the systems running smoothly.

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My Story

Evans story is that of a true rodeo enthusiast. Hailing from Vermillion, he grew up with family that farm and operated a cow-calf ranch. Growing up, he was always running around chasing after the adults to help with farm chores and later ripping around on ATV's and riding horses.  As he grew, he found his passion for rodeo and the cowboy life.  Inspired by the competitors and spectators alike, he wanted to give back to the community that gave him a place to find himself.  This led him to to join the Edmonton Rodeo Board, where he has been an invaluable asset in spreading awareness about the sport and the impact it can have on peoples lives. 

Evan is a directional driller by trade and is currently looking to exploring a path in electrical work.  When he's not working or volunteering with the ERB, you can find Evan pulling a trailer jamming out to country music on his way to rodeo events with his dogs and partner, soaking up every moment of the western lifestyle that he loves so much.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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