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Meet Shivam

Shivam's decision to join the Edmonton Rodeo Board (ERB) embodies his commitment to integrating his personal passions with his professional aspirations. His enthusiasm for local traditions and community events mirrors ERB's mission, providing a perfect avenue for him to contribute to cultural appreciation and community enrichment. This decision reflects Shivam's holistic approach to life and work, demonstrating his ambition to foster cultural appreciation and collective enjoyment. As a member of the ERB, Shivam aims to blend his professional expertise with his personal interests, making him not only a valuable asset to the Board but also a captivating personality with a story that resonates with many.

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My Story

Shivam Khurania is a multifaceted individual whose rich professional background in finance and education is complemented by a dynamic range of personal interests and values, shaping a unique identity. With roles spanning from a detail-oriented finance professional to an innovative educator, Shivam has demonstrated his capability in managing complex financial operations, optimizing educational strategies, and contributing effectively to community and organizational growth. His professional journey is marked by significant roles such as a Controller, Senior Financial Analyst, and an Accounting Instructor, where he has leveraged his expertise to drive success and impart knowledge. Beyond his professional life, Shivam is an avid explorer of cultures, a food enthusiast, and a fitness advocate, showcasing his adaptability, creativity, and commitment to a balanced lifestyle. His empathy and dedication to giving back are evident through his active community service, highlighting his collaborative and leadership skills.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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